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burning winxp prof with newest Nero



Hey guys
I have windows XP professional, but on my harddrive, because
my original cd started messing up, so i wanted to burn it again,
but make it bootable. Now i've seen those guides with the old nero
which shows you exactly what to do with nice pictures, but i have
the newest nero, and you don't have those options anymore, as
i see it at least, so can anyone help me making a bootable
xp prof, (preferably with the latest updates also on it) with the newest

Any help is greatly appreciated

Yngwie II


Or in other words if you made an image file from your XP cd you can simply burn the file to cd as said above using 'burn image'.

If you copied the content of your cd to your harddrive you will need an extra boot file. To make a bootable cd with SP1 integrated follow one of the tutorials out there. Seems you found at least one already. I like this one http://www.tacktech.com/display.cfm?ttid=160.

No essential changes in the newest version of Nero that I know of. Just make sure you are not using Nero Express. There are two shortcuts in your start menu, one for Nero, one for Nero Express.


I don't know if it's just me that's retarded, but in the new nero
i don't see those old menus where you put in that boot names
and information. Can you please give me clear easy full instructions?


Can't remember the windows that pop up. You have the option of using a wizard or not. What you want to do is not use the wizard. Then you can do everything the guide shows.
Ok here's how to get out of the wizard mode or nero express


Even better here is the Link to Nero's How to guides which should be able to gide you through whatever you need to do with nero


Ummm, so let me get this straight, you made an image yourself of a real Windows XP CD and the image itself was not already bootable?? Hmmm.... A) You ripped it wrong or B) You didn't rip it.

For future reference, when making "backup" copies of bootable CDs, the easiest way would be to use Clone-CD or something similar, you won't need to waste time with trying to figure out how to make it bootable, it will already be bootable as it is an exact duplicate of the CD you are "backing up."
Don't you get it? He didn't create the image. He downloaded it, but he doesn't come right out and say that. We just helped him pirate something. If he wasn't smart enough to burn the disk, what makes you think he is smart enough to make an image?

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