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burning .iso for boot


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I have an iso file that is supposed to be able to be used as a boot cd. I use NERO which has an option to burn a boot cd. However, when I restart with the cd in (and BIOS set to load cd first) the dos-like boot screen doesn't come up. The iso is like a linux pack that has a word program and the like. What I understand is that a screen should come up where commands can be put in, but instead my computer just moves on to loading Windows. I know this is kind of jumbled, but anyone know what I mean and how to fix it?


have you tried to just burn the ISO without the 'Make it bootable' in Nero... if that dont work they either the cdrom is shot or the cd itself is not a bootable image


the 4um stalker
Yeah, the first time I just did normal cd burn... and when I did that the boot screen was [DR-DOS], which I've never heard of, but it didn't have the options of the program I was trying to run.


Use win rar and extract it normally, then burn the files to your disk. See what the boot file says, maybe it's got an error.


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You'd think that there would be someone living with you who could answer that question... and you'd think right... hmm...

In Nero, to burn a bootable ISO image, you have to launch burning rom, cancel out of the wizard. From the "Recorder" dropdown menu, select "burn Image" and navigate to the ISO you wanna burn. Then Burn.

Other Options:
Burn with Burnatonce
mount with Daemon Tools and copy from the virtual drive (any vcd program for that matter)
Extract with ISObuster, winrar etc and burn files (doesn't always work do to specific disc structure)

Hope that answered questions. if so you know what to click


the 4um stalker
Thanks to everyone, except muzikool, who could have helped avoid this entire thread. Learn something new everyday... and usually forget it that night.


the 4um stalker
yeah... most of the time he can.. but then other times he doesn't feel like wasting his time on my pointless exploration of the computer frontier

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