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burj Al arab


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well im going on vacation on friday to dubai the shopping capital of the arab world! its one of the most awesome places, i know even though i havent been there yet, but its the best and im ganna visit the 7 star hotel hopefully its called burj al arab! here are some links for info on it TAKE A LOOK!:D ps its also the tallest hotel in the world just a few meters shorter than the empire state buildig i think. not sure which building but it was 6 meters shorter *i think*
Lighting Info nice page with pic near middle
i forgot to add that when u step out of bed at night to go to the bathroom etc the floor lights up to where you are going to, so you dont trip on somethiong or hit something or turn on the lights and wake up everyone!
I think the cheapest room is 1333 us dollars for one night. its probably true.


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My Father-in-law is working out in Dubai at the moment and he says it is amazing! We're hoping to go out in the new year for a visit - certainly beats the weather in Britain :D


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