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Bulk e mail program

Hey Guys, with all the season's greetings that I have to send to everybody , could anyone of you suggest me a good free program for me to send all those mails and greetings in one go ?? :p

American Zombie

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Like Vern said and I will add that unless you are sure the other people do not care if you are giving their email address to the others in the email then use the Bcc option.


Woah.. I'm still here?
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If you are really savvy, you could probably just write a script to do this as well.. I remember writing a script to do something simliar at work.. it ended up blasting out 8000 individually addressed emails to every user in our mailsystem in a little under an hour..


Woah.. I'm still here?
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Ok.. so not everyone wants to script all day...

You could look at 3rd party mailing list software... hmm.. free programs...most of the mailing list sotware that i know of are probably more than what you need and/or want. Most of them will require more setup that you probably want to go through.

hmm... *searching*...

You can try this.. Never tried it personally myself though


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