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Dabba Dooba
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Jul 29, 2002
Hey somebody used my post as an example i feel like i helped in some weird way!! lol

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
Dec 11, 2001
NTFS.org a community, not just a [windows,...,software,...] site, that is why I think we should have two distinct post count, one to reflect our contribution in the helpfull categories of the forums, the other one to reflect our contribution to entertain 'also' the whole community, one way or another...

'Word association', 'The other word game' and 'The person above me' used to entertain me, finding them quite amusing; but, because of them, I'm afraid some may believe I used these threads just to increment my post count... I feel really sorry for this, simply because it is not true.

Anyway, I don't really mind the change, but I think the idea to have two different counters showing, good or bad, where we are the most active, is not that bad ;)
As EP pointed out, we are waiting for the final release of VB3 :)

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Hey ep!

All good with me, applying for microsoft mvp right now, should have done this a while ago.

Notifications don't work, I only found your response by comming back to hunt up some threads, if you want, give me your email address so we can keep in touch easier, mine is perriscalderon at gmail
Perris Calderon wrote on Electronic Punk's profile.
Ep, glad to see you come back and tidy up...did want to ask a one day favor, I want to enhance my resume , was hoping you could make me administrator for a day, if so, take me right off since I won't be here to do anything, and don't know the slightest about the board, but it would be nice putting "served administrator osnn", if can do, THANKS

Been running around Quora lately, luv it there https://tinyurl.com/ycpxl
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All good still mate?
Hello, is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me ...

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