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10 Feb 2003
I don't really give a crap about post count but I had about 90 some odd posts the other day and now I'm down to 60? To make sure I listed all my posts, exactly 90 as of this post.
Here is a real bug, see attachment:


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Yep, it's in the Lounge...which is under the General category, so as odd as it may look, it's still not a bug :p
that is a very good idea :D have general post underneith, could be kinda hard to add but would be good to get a ratio :p
Might well be a good idea, but I am not bloody doing any hacks or file changes to vb until it goes final. ffs.
wow and the spamming threads have ground to a standstill way to go EP :)
Too many changes going on...should just leave things how they were before 'that' day.
i think this is a good step. im pro removing the count all to getter, and this is a good step to accomplish that :p
I'd rename the "Posts:" to something more suiting then, like "Useful Post:" count or something. :D
Teddy said:
Too many changes going on...should just leave things how they were before 'that' day.

basically its messing round a bit here and there to improve things or if they suck find out what not to do :)

don't worry... the essence of the forums will pretty much stay the same.. besides most of us are on the forums most of the time anyways :D
No data is being lost and all the changes are irreversible, I might re-enable them for everything but the lounge (ie where all the cod**** chatter goes ;))

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