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Budget Technophile Setup

Over the past month or so I've setup a small PIII Debian server in my living room to use as an SSH based fileserver. It was quite a challenge to get running but it was such a great feeling once it was all setup to go. Now I've started this Folding@Home stuff with the OSNN team and I'm getting an itch to learn more about various servers so I can be more proficient in my web based side business.

Right now I have a high end P4 laptop (Video Production and Web Development & F@H), P3 600 Debian Box (CVS, SSH and F@H), P3 850 laptop (Girlfriends WinXP & F@H) and a P4 desktop (WinXP World of Warcraft & F@H Box)

I would like to add the following to my setup:
1.) PVR (mythTV?) so I can stop paying Comcast $9.95/month for their worthless one that crashes all the time!
2.) A FreeBSD web and email server
3.) A Windows 2003 server (not quite sure why I want this one yet - I may wait for Longhorn on this one).

I'd also like F@H to run on each of these whenever they can spare the cycles.

What is the LOWEST possible hardware cost and configuration I can get away with while still having reasonable performance, etc. with each workload? I'd like to stay with new parts and Intel CPUs. Assume hard drives are already present.

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