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I'm sorry Hal...
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Xie said:
If you look in this section they brush it all off :eek:
Yeah, it says they planned to d it at the beginning of the article also
the monks will dismantle the mandala and deposit the sand in a body of water. This process symbolizes the transience of life and the ideal of nonattachment to the material world.
Its obvious when you think about :p
that is beautiful - a few years ago, when this was done, rather than disrupting it themselves, they had a group of children come in and do it, to symbolize the fleetingness of life and the need for younger generations to destroy the dogmas of the old

:cool: stuff like that makes me happy


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Khayman said:
Yeah, it says they planned to d it at the beginning of the article
Well as a /. reader I didn't RTFA .. just looked at the pretty pictures and posted :p


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Hehe wow...I just took a class on Buddhism this quarter! Those things are called mandalas. Our Professor showed us a whole bunch of pictures of these. Really beautiful stuff, and painstakingly time consuming.

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