Browsers Poll

Found an old poll on the same topic, but it seemed quite outdated, so I guess this can be an update.

My vote:
Firebird...on both XP and Linux.

Thread title edited. Added an "Other" option to the poll


I may actually be insane.
ooh-err. Shouldn't this be a multi-choice poll?
I use FireBird (nightly) most of the time, Mozilla if I'm upgrading FireBird or have a bad/un-stable build, Opera to check page rendering/designs, IE to again check designs and also for Windows Update, and now and then I use K-Meleon. :)


I may actually be insane.
Originally posted by Jewelzz
I mainly use Mozilla. IE for Windows Update and K-Meleon when I'm bored :p
yay for k-meleon being a boredom browser :p

Originally posted by Enyo
My thoughts exactly, but especially for folk like you :) Browser Nut.
nut? me? .......... :D


I may actually be insane.
You can't vote twice by clearing cookies, it's username based :)
And also there doesn't seem to be an option to change the poll type. :confused: not to worry :D
Originally posted by punkandacoke
sorry. if you want to vote twice delete cookies. lol. to lazy to fix it. any moderators,by all means, fix it.
Not possible. Well, to clear any confusion on the matter, I changed the poll question to "What browser do you primarily use?"
That should do it ;)

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