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Browser Poll!


I can't vote since I've only used IE for the past few years. I did happen to try out the latest Nutscrape over the weekend, uninstalled it yesterday. IE, the program itself loads alot faster than Netscape, but netscape seemed to load the pages quicker.

A few years ago I only used netscape, but with the browser wars going on then and patches/upgrades coming out every other week, netscape didn't seem to work for me all that well so I started using IE and never stopped. It has been working fine since I converted.

As for the other ones, I wouldn't know.


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I will stick with IE, have been using it for years. Have used Netscape on a computer of a friend and wasn't all that impressed.

Or maybe it's just that I am getting old and can't work things out as fast as I used to, so I will stick with what I know... :D
aww..... come on.... i'm the only one who voted for opera so far?? what's all this talk about no live feed in opera? wmp, real, flash, quicktime... all works fine for me in opera...


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well i like opera (mainly because of gestures), but IE would be my choice for the things that don't work in opera, and netscape sucks. well there's my two cents.


I noticed that nobody mentioned "MyIE". I use Explorer 99% of the time, but every once in awhile I'll surf with MyIE. It's OK, I like the control you get over the multiple pages, and it loads quick.


I have to vote for IE since the best browser available (for me anyhow) is myIE v3.2d. This thing rocks and is one of the best "freebie" programs/applications I've ever stumbled across. Basically, having multiple pages open at once and keeping them orgranized using tabs is cool, and also there is the filter where all you have to do is right click the tab of the page you want to filter, click filter page, and BAM! no more ever again.

I can remember using Netscape back on Win 3.11 and I had nothing but problems with it. I always got some kind of memory error, therefore, when Windows 95 came out I just used IE and have never looked back.


Opera's the best for me... fastest in internet connection, and in usability...

Second is Mozilla, for compatibility, and IE as a last, compatibility, resort.


is there a way to test the browsers rather than personal opinion, like is there a program out there to test the speed of these browsers?

opera is probably the fastest, then it's ie, myie and crazybrowser followed by mozilla and netscape.

for security which is the safest compared to ie or is there not one?


I like IE for its interface, integration, simplicity.

BUT I am not happy with Microsofts efficiency of updates and patches. They can take a long time to fix major security flaws and problems.
Entire features (Such as caching and opening new windows) still dont really work properly.

They also dictate standards with their monopoly.

I also don't like the way it gives to much control to web pages (popups, turning off toolbars, moving windows around, etc....)
and dont get me started on active x.

Basicaly IE is bad for advertising and malicious pages.

So right now I'm evaluating Opera and Mozilla which are the 2 other big browsers.
Mozilla is good because it is free, Opera is indeed fast like they claim.

Both are updated frequently and don't give web pages too much control.

I will probably need to edit the GUI to be more like IE before I'm happy with one though.


Why doesn't anyone like Mozilla???

It is the most standards compliant browser (and yet hotmail thinks its incompatible, *cough* microsoft *cough*, and encourages users to use Internet Explorer)

kr0m... IE is faster than Netscape to load because IE is loaded when you start Windows. Its loaded into memory whether you want it to be or not.

Mozilla (which netscape pay to have developed) has the quick launch feature which loads it into memory and loads at IE speed.

IE is more prone to security issues mainly because it is the most widely used browser available. Why would hackers try and hack an obscure piece of software?

Mozilla has a lot of features which totally rules over the others. It handles pop ups far more better than any other browser (except for Opera maybe)

btw... All those Opera ppl. What was Opera's starting goal? To make the most efficient browser and not be overly bloated. So why on earth are they putting all these extra features into it now? Btw, who doesn't download the java part of it?

Give Mozilla a try. No spyware, efficient, updated regularly (almost bi-weekly atm), security holes closed rather quickly, open source and best of all free.

Its netscape without the ads, spyware, crap =) and none of those annoying security issues =)

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