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British Telecom

Electronic Punk

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BT came to our village yesterday to raise some telephone wires around our house, they have broken our telephone connection and after several hours of calls to them, it has been determined that they are so backlogged they might not be able to come out and repair the "apparent underground fault" until between the 8th and 13th of September. Thats up to two weeks for them to clear up their own ****ing mistake. I am fuming. I am going to busy at work and the connection here is now crap and slow, another BT problem - but it doesn't matter because we only pay £500,000 per year for it.

I won't be on IRC or messenger until BT pull their finger out, the only way I will be able to visit the site will be the brief time I get to visit at work when I am having my lunch. No gaming and nothing for me to do at evenings.

Hey but good news, BT have given us a free divert to my mobile and compensation for £1 worth of calls a day. That would be three minutes then.


I may actually be insane.
Such a wonderful phone system we have in place, and thanks to their monopoly it's a pain in the **** to change to another provider.

Electronic Punk

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I was bored to tears last night, but even then I was on the phone to BT thinking it might come back.

Finished Splinter Cell, Medal of Honor: Breakthrough and watched both Waynes World movies, then moved on to Manhunt (currently gotta keep this drunk guy alive)

I mean it is nice to catch up on all these games I haven't had time to play, but it isn't something I want to do, plus there is a Counter-strike update out and I can't get it :(


BT aka bloody typical, all the crap they cause. Retarded telecommunications for a small island.

Electronic Punk

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Fixed, apparently the BT guy didn't realise we had an ISDN line.
My mother chased some BT guys she spotted down the street.
I love my mum.

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