briefcase computer

not totaly sure this is the right thread for this but yea.

i have everything except for the ram whick i am getting tomorow,
i am going to make a computer out of a metal brief case, i ahve thought all this through and i got the general idea but i would like to know if there are other people here that have done this and can send some pics and advice, and if anyone has seen anything on this please post the link, i have been searching the net for about a week now getting all the info on this i can and have gotten come but not much,

the specs of waht i am going to build:
enermax 350 psu dual fan
ECS mobo
512 DDR 266
AMD 1800+
volcano 9
ati 7500 all in wounder
16x DVD
40gb WD 7200rpm HDD
and about 4 case fans not including the PSU

and any general impot on this would be great
here are some pics of other ones that i have seen
generaly what i want to do.

i ahve been lookin on thenet for about 4 days now in total from school and home,

i am mainly looking on how to safely mount the HDD now, me and friends figured most out, but the HDD is an intresing one
ok i got some questinos about heat on this thing, now the botom of this case is 3 layers, outter most is aluminum, then some wood, then a 3mm foam pad, now we were thinking leaving the foam pad in to help with shock, to absorbe some of it if there was some because this thing will be moved around. but with heat, should re remove the foam from under the processor and ship set or are we ok to leave it there?? like we are going to have a volcano 9 on top of this processor anyways so??? any ideas


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unless you're going to remove the wood as well, leave the foam. wood insulates, too. just make sure you have ample airflow going through the case. i suggest two 120mm fans--one intake, one exhaust. that will give you good airflow without a lot of noise.

to mount the harddrive, try to get a hd cage out of an old computer case somewhere. then just mount the cage to the case.


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I know, I'm a killjoy, but why not just go to the hardware store and buy a handle and bolt it to a $20 case that is the size you want? Metal brief cases cost more than a computer case.
LOL i got this metal case for 5$ canadian, it was from school and they didnt need it anymore so i got it for 5$ and this is something i want to try for some fun and maybe for some lan parties LOL
now i just ordered some 120mm blue 4led fans for 20$ and i am going to have an 80mm vantec stealth right over top of the volcano,or should i just have a duct from the volcano to that part of the case with a grill over it???
yea it is mainly just the FUN of making it and shuting up someone at school because he thinks his case is the best in the world and it sucks LOL not to be mean or anything
i am gonna draw up some pics tomorow a lunch break and then i will post them, they will basicaly be my

plans but if anyone has any ideas please feel free to ad them anythime in this, but i got a limited budget on this. so yea. i will listen to anything anyone has to say or add.


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i'd mount the intake 120mm somewhere near or above the cpu, facing it. and the exhaust one is at the other end of the case. i don't see a need for any other in/out fans, myself.

if you can, take a pic of the briefcase and give it's internal dimensions.
here is the basic layout, tomorow well actualy in 10 hours when i am home from classes i will have a digital pic with the parts and layout in hte case with mesurments but here is my layout


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looks like you have a fair amount of room in that thing. but you have to think about what position you want the briefcase to be in when you're going to be using it. with that layout, you won't be able to use the dvdrom with the case standing up. also, the i/o shield will be preventing it from standing up. point is... you'll have a briefcase that you'll always have to lay down.

i suggest rearranging the parts just a little to where the i/o shield and dvdrom are coming out the side.

[edit] okay, i though about it and made this sketch. to me, this is the best arrangement.

the intake is in 'front' and the exhaust is on top, right next to the cpu. i put the power supply on the back, bottom to draw some fresh air to that corner of the case for the video card. if you want more ventilation for it, mount an 80mm fan on the side of the case blowing down on it.

of course, this is just my opinion. :)
LOL i ahve all of them LOL

but it was more for the CIA than hte MI6 that made me think about this but yea i am getting the fans today and i am bringing the case home too

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