bottleneck... again...

My system is slowing down once again... before i could pull off 15,000+ 3Dmarks in 3dmark 2001 SE. Today i benched it again getting only 7900 3dmarks...

I updated many of my drivers and tested again, same results. What can the problem be? BTW, my card clock speeds are back at stock...
did you install something hardware/software?

Maybe a program running in the background?

take a screenshot of the processes running in the background and post it.
UPDATE:just ran antivirus.... scanned my whole system no viruses found...

what do you mean bootsy? do you want me to post a screen of the processes in Task Manager?


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system idle process will always be using a lot of CPU time, it does just basic system maintainance, it has the lowest priority so anything else wanting more CPU time will take it and System Idle process just has to wait or deal with the leftovers


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system idle process is exactly that... measures the idle cpu time. so if your system idle process is at 99, that's normal and good. no real work is being done by the cpu, not even maintenance.

but, yeah... post a screenshot of your processes window, anyway.
yea thats what I meant, just post a screenie of your processes to see what it could be. I agree with Goatman, it would be a good idea to get rid of the spyware...hate that stuff
forget it... the problem was a corrupted driver i downloaded from I downloaded it again and i installed it... i came out happy with 14,998 3dmarks... thanks for your help....

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