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both EKKO so tiny... ?

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
Here's what happened to me this morning when I came to read Ntfs main page (I quote from #ntfs, thanks to Zedric):

[08:41:16] <Ant-|-One> what happened to Ntfs main page ? It's so tiny writen today...
[08:41:27] <Ant-|-One> is it me ?
[08:41:37] <Zedric> dunno
[08:41:51] <Un4gIvEn> did you happen to hold down CTRL while scrolling? that would change the font size
[08:41:59] <Ant-|-One> how do you see it ?
[08:42:09] <Ant-|-One> Nope
[08:42:51] <Zedric> check what the text zoom level is set to
[08:43:38] <Ant-|-One> ekko theme is ok, only orbitz affected...
[08:44:22] <Ant-|-One> you were right
[08:44:46] <Ant-|-One> zoom was set to mini
[08:45:02] <Ant-|-One> but I didn't change anything...
[08:45:21] <Zedric> changed by mistake most likely
[08:45:24] <Ant-|-One> now I set to normal again, strange...
[08:45:24] <Zedric> it happens
[08:45:45] <Ant-|-One> I'm sure, I didn't change it...
[08:46:30] <Ant-|-One> but why would it affect one theme (normal or expanded) and not the other ?
[08:47:10] <Zedric> that's a good question
[08:47:13] <Zedric> I have no idea
[08:52:40] <Ant-|-One> I can't believe it, I closed IE, opened it again and same thing ! I changed it though...

Only both EKKO themes are concerned, not Orbitz' or any other site I visit...
And why on earth IE does not keep the setting I set to normal again for one paticular site ? Should I del the cookie and have a new one for Ntfs ?
Am I the only one who experienced this ?
Thank you for your opinion on the subject...

Ant -|- One
A site can't set change the text size settings in IE (afaik) - most likely occured if you accidently held down the ctrl key when scrolling.

And also, I believe IE changes the text size settings for individual pages when you hit the ctrl button and scroll.

In conclusion, NTFS.org is not at fault (for a change) :D.


Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
I didn't say it was NTFS' fault, only that it happened to it only and didn't understand why.
As I said, I closed IE, went to some other sites, then back to NTFS, and the "problem" was back again though I had set font size to medium again before... could IE remember such a setting for a special page or site ?
Maybe I did the Ctrl+scroll thing by accident, but it doesn't explain everything, does it ?

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