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boot failure

hi guys...

im having trouble with my Pc.. awhile ago i received multiple explorer errors, window after window, when i close a window, another window will open... i cannot read what was the error coz it kept on openning..then suddenly my PC restarted by itself..

now the trouble is i cant get into windows.. the windows logo doesnt load...
now the prob is i cant get it in command prmt, safe mode or anything i cant go through.. just plain black blank screen..... all the selection from F8 cant do anything....

my cmos do detect my HD... but whne the time loading windows logo it freezes...

no safemode...
no restore...
no command prmt...

what will i do?



Political User
have you tried reinstalling windows?

something similar happened to me last year, if the re install doesn't work, your hd may be failing badly

Shamus MacNoob

Political User
You might want to try and boot from a floppy or a cd with some hard drive tools on there and run some tests to see the health of your hard drive.


Quazatron R6 droid
It might be that the PC has been infected by a virus, but the previous posters give good advice - check to see if you can do a disk scan using the PC BIOS / scan tool. This may or may not come up with an error. If it does then you have the problem, if not you might want to try reinstalling windows by using the repair option from your windows boot disk.


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you should still follow shamus's advice of running some hd tests... if something is wrong you may re-encounter problems in the future

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