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Board temperature 255.9 C / 492.7 F



Any idea why Sandra Pro 2004 detects my mainboard temperature as being 250% of boiling? Sounds a bit off...


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I would say one of 2 things ... your motherboard is giving the wrong info because sensor is all wrong or sandra is not reading your board correctly. easy test would be, does it give "normal" temps using any other program?


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although humor might NOT be really needed in this situation, there is another test. if you can fry an egg on the panel your mobo is mounted on, then it's probably an accurate reading.

on a side note... i'd take Xie's advice. try different programs and see what kinds of readings you get.


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On the bright side you can be assured that those must be wrong readings or you would have a melted pile of goo for a mobo right now....

try aida32
That's the"wrongest" reading I've ever heard of. Check in the bios at start up to see what the MB thinks the sensor is saying. If that's way off the MB sensor is hosed. If the bios reads good Sandra is hosed.

One other possibility. If you're using a hacked bios it may be wrong. Also, make sure the bios is the latest version (somebody, I don't think it was ASUS) had to do a bios temp sensor patch this fall.

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