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Blue screen problem!?




I have recently build a new computer, when i try to install XP PRO it gives me a blue screen while copying files. The Bluescreen dosent always give me an "specific" error like what caused the problem, but sometimes it says something about some IRQ_ERROR.

The Hardware:

Palit Daytona Geforce3 Ti200
512 mb DDR 2700
AMD 2000 XP
MAXTOR 80 GB Fluid

(hope you can understand my bad english ;))

:) :)
Need more Details

I'm sorry, but there are way too many things that could be wrong. If the problem is during the initial setup of WinXP pro, then the problem i would guess would be in hardware setup.

I know this is a long shot, but i've seen it too many times to overlook it. Are you getting the correct cooling to that athlon?

One more possibility would be either bad memory, or incorrect memory timings (set them too fast)

Hope this leads you in the correct direction.


it could be irq - check the hardware config see if anything may be conflicting .. it could be anything that is causing from a bad mem stick to a bad pci ..


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sorry man but looks like its the ram! try changing it with a free one u have lying around or getting it checked or changed at the store u bough it at. i had the same problem when i was trying to install xp the first time, that was my first post on ntfs ( formorally xp-erience.org) and some one told me to try without one of my rams since i had two. the first one that i took out still kept doing that. when i took out the other it went flawlessly;)
have you checked support.microsoft.com for the stop error? it is most likley a hardware problem. I would suspect that it is ram or video w/ a bad PCI card.


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A new system you say? Does that include a new hard drive?

If so i would very much recommend formatting it before any sort of useage. I had big probs with a new HD i bought until i did this. You can use the XP CDROM to boot and format from there.

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