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Bleh Hotmail help


Ex-Xperiance Member
I have been trying to sign in to hotmail with my 1 account and all i get is this "Microsoft® .NET Passport was temporarily unable to complete your request. Please try again later." the error code for messanger is "0x81000303". I have tried to sign in on the website and I get the same thing. I even tried to change my password Again..., I get the same message. If I sign in with my other hotmail account it works fine the only thing that I have done differantly is tried to set up my hotmail through outlook 2003 before then everything was runnin fine. Any thoughts and help would be apreciated


Ex-Xperiance Member
paul2-0-0-2 said:
Probley Updatein your Account to 250mb?

Happend to me about for a week or something then it worked and got the Extra Space
Nope they already did that :(, I have tried the knowen cures like running "regsvr32 softpub.dll" clearing cach and all that good stuff im running a virus scan now just incase bah this is makin me mad


Ex-Xperiance Member
Ok so I freaked out for no reason, I restarted and like magic it worked fine. Guss I was just looking for somewhere to vent as I couldnt sign in for 2 days mind you my computer had been running for that long. Close thread

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