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Black Ice Defender Firewall



Ok I just bought one so it does the same thing. When I try too play a Game online it does not give me a pop-up window to accept or deny. I just get the Black Screen of Death . ( Computer freezes with blk screen )
I waz wondering . If anyone knew of any solutions .tweaks to always have a window pop-up or always accept.

BTW thx to all u peeps out there .
I have only been here a short while . But I have learned alot from u guys .

TY Dallas :)

Perris Calderon

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I don't know anyone using black ice...they got so much bad press awhile back...failing every third party firewall test...I heard they got better since that, but all too late...most people use free za, free tiny, or norton...also, believe it or not, the internal xp firewall is an excellant choice, and compares with all of these for keeping hackers from getting in your box...the only problem with xp firewall is it doesn't keep programs in your box from getting out..

.anyway...what I'm saying is; I don't know



Don't ask me, I don't believe in firewall's or AV, and especially not Norton, but hey, that's just me, do whatever you want lol:D


I don't hear many people talk about Sygate Personal Firewall. I think it's one of the better Firewalls available. It's better than ZA, less technical than TPF in the sense that with TPF you just need to understand all the communication that's going on. I would definitely recommend Sygate Personal Firewall and yes it is free also!
I use Black Ice, and right now I prefer it to ZA because it doesn't have as many popups and has a simple interface. I just have it running in the background and I get an alert whenever a NEW program attempts to access the internet. As far as the popups are concerned, there is not really a way around it.

You just need to check the "always allow this program" check box and train the program for your needs.



I think u need to start the game in a small(not full screen) window so u can see the request for connection to internet from BIce.


I think Black Ice is crap, but it is an irrelevant opinion atm....
anyway, have you tried manually setting permissions for the game you are trying to connect to?

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