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Bioshock Crash


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I just downloaded the demo again, to make sure I want to buy the game.

And I can't run it. I get to the menu, change some settings, click play. And it crashes to the desktop. I was thinking maybe drivers, but mine are pretty new, maybe not newest but much newer then when Bioshock came out.

Any ideas?


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DirectX is always updated so it didn't help in anyway. I looked and I have the latest drivers, so I was right to ask here. I searched google and the only items that I can find are about installing driver updates and directx.

Just noticed after about 20 minutes after crashing to the desktop, it gives me a 2 second blue screen and restarts the computer?...
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American Zombie

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So you have run the DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer to make sure you have the latest runtimes?

The runtimes are updated on an almost monthly basis.

Since you are getting a BSOD you may have a minidump and if you post it I will debug to see what reason the dump points at for the BSOD.

Dumps are in WINDOWS\Minidump

American Zombie

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DO you have lots of background stuff running when trying to play?

Anyway, the dumps point to different things.

First dump:


PROCESS_NAME: wmiprvse.exe

Probably caused by : win32k.sys

Second dump:


PROCESS_NAME: csrss.exe

Probably caused by : ATMFD.DLL


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First off, I have around 3 or 4 background programs (not heavy and I can play with other games like this). Second, how did you debug that information, that is insane (to me at least).

Thirdly, what do I do with that information?


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If running one of those programs is the solution then let me ask.

Why did this happen in the first place? Why Bioshock and nothing else?


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My Device Manager says I have "" which I think is the latest, if I read it correctly.

I will run the debug program, and see where that goes. Thanks.

American Zombie

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Bugcheck is not pointing at Nvidia drivers.

It is pointing at ATMFD.DLL which from what I can find is the Adobe Type Manager font driver.

What Adobe products do you have installed?

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