Bioshock Crash


Not Bman

I just downloaded the demo again, to make sure I want to buy the game.

And I can't run it. I get to the menu, change some settings, click play. And it crashes to the desktop. I was thinking maybe drivers, but mine are pretty new, maybe not newest but much newer then when Bioshock came out.

Any ideas?
DirectX is always updated so it didn't help in anyway. I looked and I have the latest drivers, so I was right to ask here. I searched google and the only items that I can find are about installing driver updates and directx.

Just noticed after about 20 minutes after crashing to the desktop, it gives me a 2 second blue screen and restarts the computer?...
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that should definately work. a lot of people have older cards that don't support shader model 3.0 and don't understand why they can't play the game
So you have run the DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer to make sure you have the latest runtimes?

The runtimes are updated on an almost monthly basis.

Since you are getting a BSOD you may have a minidump and if you post it I will debug to see what reason the dump points at for the BSOD.

Dumps are in WINDOWS\Minidump
How do you want me to post it? open it in notepad or just attach the files?
Zip or RAR

Make sure it is a dump from the time you were trying to play.
There are only 2 files, so.
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DO you have lots of background stuff running when trying to play?

Anyway, the dumps point to different things.

First dump:


PROCESS_NAME: wmiprvse.exe

Probably caused by : win32k.sys

Second dump:


PROCESS_NAME: csrss.exe

Probably caused by : ATMFD.DLL
First off, I have around 3 or 4 background programs (not heavy and I can play with other games like this). Second, how did you debug that information, that is insane (to me at least).

Thirdly, what do I do with that information?
If running one of those programs is the solution then let me ask.

Why did this happen in the first place? Why Bioshock and nothing else?
Debugging tools for Windows

What you want to look into is the line probably caused by as that is what BSOD the machine.

The first dump was common bugcheck so you may want to just skip it.

Second one was ATMFD.DLL so look into what is associated with that.
My Device Manager says I have "" which I think is the latest, if I read it correctly.

I will run the debug program, and see where that goes. Thanks.
Bugcheck is not pointing at Nvidia drivers.

It is pointing at ATMFD.DLL which from what I can find is the Adobe Type Manager font driver.

What Adobe products do you have installed?
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