Bioshock Crash

This is all that starts up on startup. And I do have a lot of fonts, but don't think any are corrupted.
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no i didn't, all I did was set my resolution.

I will try it default, but I should be able to play full resolution.


I ran it at default settings and the same thing happened.

How do I check out Adobe Type Manager? Where is it on my computer, I never used it before?
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I am going to be buying the full version from steam and I noitced this..

Note: Contains SecuROM copy control software. Installations limited to five PCs per license

Does this mean I can only install it 5 times on the same computer? Or just can only be installed on 5 differnet computers? Or what does it mean.
Try disabling sound. I know the demo and the unpatched versions of the game had HUGE sound problems at the beginning.
I was figuring that, that is what I am going to try.

I was asking a different question now lol
This is one of my favorite games from 07. However, it has got to be the second buggiest POS in 2007 coming close to Crysis. Thats why I opted to play the 360 version, same great experience, no hassles. I got no farther than the first encounter with a Big Daddy on the PC version.

It wasn't even about the hardware, although lots of people will tell you to get better hardware if you have all kinds of problems. tsk tsk.
I have good hardware, better then what you need for it, and seems like I have most of the problems with it. Yet I have not played the full version yet, so we will see what happens when I end up getting it.
I have M2N32 SLI-Deluxe, 2GB ram, X2 5600+ and a 6800GT.

I have zero problems running Bioshock.
So since Bioshock on Steam just became $29.95 I decided to forget about the problems and try it anyways. It is running amazingly beautiful and great. No problems what so ever. It must of been the demo itself, I did not do any major updates or changes to my system since I tried it. So hmm.

Sweet game!
Whats up Bman. Seems there has been a nvidia driver issue with Bioshock so they released 163.44 Beta Drivers For Bioshock. Suppose to help with the kick back to desktop and BSOD thing. It was happening to me and the beta drivers worked. I'm sure they have some updated beta or WHQL that might have addressed these issues. You certainly got enough horsepower running.
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