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BIN files

I don't like wasting CDs on bad image files so I like to use ISO Buster to extract the raw data into a readable format. Also there are a couple programs out there that can mount the image file onto a virtual drive, making it just using a CD without actually burning it.


Usually what I do is transform the bin into an ISO with Winiso .. Then burn it with alcohol, this is mostly because there are times you have ot edit the cue file, which can be a pain - you can also burn the bin with alcohol, you just leecd it to the cue file and run it .. it just depends on how you want to do it ..

Also Blindwrite is trash - Alcohol ownz ..


fireburner is without a doubt the best i have ever used for bin/cue

no need to screw around converting when using fireburner


Originally posted by Burpster
fireburner is without a doubt the best i have ever used for bin/cue
No comment on that peace of grabage ... Nothing is better than Alcohol ..


Originally posted by Burpster
lol ...lechtard

well if your a noob i guess you wouldnt be to fimiliar with FB :)
Yeah true - I have used it on a couple of occasions and it did'nt satisfy me at all ... with my ten years of puter expeirnce I have used a lot of them and found that I have ones I like and ones I dont like - FB is one I don't like .. :)
Alcohol is the most l33t burning/emulator prog out there. It burns and mounts about 6 different image types. I use it to burn basically everything.
Hey, Where can I find a copy of Alcohol at? Every time I type it in a search engine I get ads and counceling sites. So far Ive ordered 4 bottles of J.D. online and signed up for 2 alcohol abuse seminars but still no program??
Not warez, dont they have a trial or sumthin? Or isnt this a legit program? Havnt heard much about it and wanted to give it a try! Sheesh!!! If I wanted warez Id go to Kazaa!!!


Originally posted by Iceman
Whats so hard about editing the cue file ???

all u do is take the location out and just leave the file name


There are times that dose'nt work - I have had many occasion where it would'nt ...

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