bill gates not richest man?

Old news. Came out about a week ago.
i know...but hey some people might not know...
Thats awesome. I furnished most of my new apartment with them.
You know the first thing he did when he found out he was the world's richest man?

Went out and bought some decent furniture...
If Bill Gates took back all the personal wealth he's given out to charity and other good causes all these years, he'd still be up there right now. I don't see why people are so happy on hearing this news.
I really have respect for that man. Not every multi-billionnaire would do the things that he's done.
gotta look at percentages

NetRyder said:
If Bill Gates took back all the personal wealth he's given out to charity and other good causes all these years,...
not so sure about that - a lot of what he did will have cut him tax breaks remember! Plus you gotta look at these things (IMHO) on a percentage basis - and I am pretty confident that even I, percentage-wise, give more to charities and good causes than Mr Gates, hence I have some respect for him, but he is sure as heck no hero to me. I think he just got a little lucky with the DOS thing and then managed to form a couple of good business relationships to pull things around from WIN 3.1 - rest is kinda history.

Plus another thing is that the IKEA dude's a lot older and there's enormous dispute as to how you work out what he is worth and whether he really is. Let's face it if it came down to cash Bill would probably still be able to come up with the bigger wad :p
yeah bill gates desrves our respect more i think, almost every computer has windows, not every house has ikea :p he build it up from nothing.
I have Windows on most of my walls in my house. :p
Oh, I have an Ikea around my area. It's always packed out, and you'll find it almost impossible to get in during late afternoons.
Well, Bill will get his No.1 spot back once the US $ recovers.
Sorry to say this, but I hope it continues to go down! haha. Then I'll start doing all my shopping (and shipping) from the US. :p
I think it still works out cheaper after paying tax on import. ;)
Hmm.. I thought the Walmart guy was in #2 .. he was actually #1 for a bit I thought ...
Mind you, Bill Gates donate millions to charity every year. Not sure how much this affects the way they calculate the fortunes of these people.
Oh, the other thing is.... Share price on the stock exchange. Since he owns shares in MS, a fall in share price could potentially make him drop further down the table. :p
Electronic Punk said:
I don't think it will :p

Come January, we will have that redneck, cowboy F*** out of the white house and then things will start to get better. Don't blame me or the majority of americans, we didn't vote for him. Thanks Florida....

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