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MediaMax: This provides an enormous storage of 25GB, and for free.

UpforDown: This comes close to Mediamax with a storage of 20GB. This two services alone can solve most of your storage problems. And there are more to come.

Boxstr: You get 5GB for free, and extended plans will cost you about $60 per year, and that gets you 20GB of space, with unlimited folders.

Xdrive: 5GB of space. Enough for most users.

Skydrive: Microsoft SkyDrive Offers 5 GB of Online Storage Space.

Inbox: Another one with 5GB of space. This service doubles up as an email service along with file storage.

GmailDrive: Who can forget Gmail? Over 6.8GB of file storage and still counting...

BigUpload: Finally comes Bigupload with 2000MB of storage. Not bad.


Adrive: Store up to 50GB for free.

Mozy: 2 GB of 100% free backup space.
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You didn't say if this list should only include free services, but I use another one that's probably worth mentioning: Orbitfiles. They give you 6GB for free, but then you can pay $5/mo and get 'unlimited' storage. That's hard to beat. The catch is that you have an upper limit of '200Gigs' (not sure if that's bits or bytes) bandwidth per month. It also has software you can use for backup.
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BoxStr is only 5GB, actually.
GmailDrive only allows whole attachments of 10MB, check this out to see how to split.
And MediaFire allows unlimited filesharing and storage. 100MB limit though.
And BigUpload is file TRANSFER. Not file storage. You need to register if you want to keep track of your uploads, and files get deleted if you're a free or anonymous user.

Are you copy/pasting this from somewhere? Some of this information is either incorrect or outdated.


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I was just wondering what others think about online storage and security. Are you using it for only general/non-personal stuff or for any and everything? Personally I wouldn't even consider storing anything personal on one of these services without some type of encryption on my end; something like TrueCrypt. With the ever growing amount of digital data that we're all keeping, some type of off-site backup is becoming a necessity.

There is an add-in for Windows Home Server called Digital ArcHound that stores PDFs of any scanned or printed document. I love the idea. Get bills, etc electronically, then dump them into ArcHound. Eventually, PAPERLESS! But, there has to be a backup solution. I'm sticking with an external hard drive right now. But I'd like to be able to simply upload my backup and feel comfortable about it's security.

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Anyone know how these companies manage to offer so much? I mean if everyone were to use it up, they'd probably be in some trouble... Or are they using the GMail trick? ;)


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I love mozy - been using it for a ton of data for just over a month now. Fast, stable, secure and their support is second to none. I'm a reseller and use their pro line btw.


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Mediamax, huh?

mediamax said:
An important message
MediaMax becomes The Linkup

MediaMax is upgrading its service and re-launching as The Linkup ( on Friday, May 9 at 3:00pm PDT.

Current paying MediaMax subscribers
There is nothing you need to do. Your account will be automatically transferred to "The Linkup" by Friday and may already be accessible now. Depending on the size of your account (smaller accounts will be completed faster), your files will be diligently transferred over within the next few weeks.

Current non-paying MediaMax subscribers
You need to upgrade your account to a paid account to have your account moved and your files preserved.
Upgrade now!


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I'm using for some time now Windows Live SkyDrive which gives me 5GB for free.
The thing I enjoy about this product is that the things I choose to share can be subscribed via RSS

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