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Big Time Screensaver


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For those of you who envy Windows users and their clock screensaver, fear no more. I have always wanted a similar screensaver for my Mac and I recently came across this screensaver:

It basically displays the time and date on the screen in a similar fashion as the windows screensaver does:

I always wondered why Apple never bundled a smilar screensaver with Mac OS X, it being so simple.
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There is a button in System Preferences that specifies "Show with clock", it will allow you to show the current time overlaid on whatever screen saver you decide to pick.

If you want to also have the date, you will indeed need to go to a 3rd party solution.


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Wow I cannot believe I missed that X-Istence!

I wish this screensaver allowed the user to custonmize it a little more. Such as changing the color of the text and having an analog or digital option option.


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dorfire, I love you. Those screensavers are awesome! I am downloading the Polar Clock for sure! Thanks!

I have been looking for a clock screensaver for the Mac for a long time and I think you just showed me one that I like better than the Windows one!


Oh, now I know...!
I personally prefer the BSOD screensaver (for Windows) - installed it on a mate of mine's computer, and he almost freaked out! lol

Thanks for these, though I'm not a Mac user :)


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Yeah I have the BSOD screensaver on my Windows machine. It would be pretty fun to have that screensaver on a PPC-based Mac.

I am sticking with Polar Clock for now. If anyone know any more, feel free to share, please!

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