BF2 Demo mod

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Ventura over at got me started on this. He started the project, I added more to it.

What's in it:
Each side now has a tank, hummer/transport, APC and a helicoptor.
Stinger\AA support added to construction site and beach.
Airfield and carrier are available, but I'm still working on getting the AI to spawn there.

UAV, radar, and arty are located on the carrier and airfiled for you spec ops types.

how to install:
Unzip in the \Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2 Demo\mods\bf2\Levels\Gulf_of_Oman. Delete\replace the Sp1 folder from the download, rezip.

How to change bot#:
Open up aidefault in \Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2 Demo\mods\bf2\AI and read the REMs :) 32 bots is hellafun, but 24 works great since it still a small fighting area.

Then just start a single player game.

Download: LINK

Just something to tide ya over for some SP action until next week.

Edit: reuploaded the file to my website. Had a problem with the Airfield UAV and Radar, it works now.
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I was working on getting the AI to work, but you would need to hand write the AI script. Its all on python so its pretty easy. It would just be a lot of typing without having the BF Editor.
The thing that is giving me a hard time is writing out the coordinates for the waypoints. Its easy to drop in game models because you can see them and make corrections by hand.

I've been dropping in models and then using those coordinates for way points, but its going slowly. It would be a heck of a lot easier if I could see coordinates while in game.

Only thing we have to work with is AI coordinates for the 16 player version, and the AI likes to suicide if the coordinates or commands are not understood. Such a harsh policy.


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Yeah, I am not sure its worth the effort since the game comes out in about a week. I managed to get both 16 and 32 player maps to show up in the SP game menu, but when I select the 32 player one and hit start it says I need to choose a map first.... its very odd. If I can figure that out then we could have bots in the full size map.
I already did that :) That is basically what I did for the mod. Only difference is, I left the Beach (instead of Rockfort) and I left in the Village and City instead of the Hotel. I did this because the AI scripts that work need use Village as a main waypoint, and I haven't been able to change that. I had the Olivefort and Hotel in my last version, but there were "deadzones" with my AI waypoints: they would abdoned vehicles or just stand in certain areas of the map.

But I have all the major areas in game, they are just not populated with models. You can get them all in there by copying the gameobjects to to sp1/16 folder, and rename that folder to sp1/32. Then go in to the AI and change the controlpointIDs to correspond with the controlpointID/spawnpointIDs from within the game objects.


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how did you manage to get the 32 player map to run in SP mode? I cant get mine to work as I mentioned in one of my above posts. If you could help with that, I would appreciate it.
I fixed the file, I had two sp1 folders, only need one. Stupid winzip....

Aprox, I roughly explained above.

Go into \Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2 Demo\mods\bf2\Levels\Gulf_of_Oman and unzip

Then go into gamemodes, and find the sp1 fodler. Open that and rename the 16 folder to 32. Then go back into gamemodes/gpm_cq, copy the gameplayobjects over into the sp1/32 folder.

That will open up the map for 32 players in single player. Problem is you are going to need an AI file. You have to match up the identifiers in the AI file to match the spawn points from the new gameplayobjects. For example, converting from 16 to 32, the beach becomes rockfort, so you have to rename all beach instances to rockfort. Then you would have to change all the "ControlPointId" to match the AI to the gameplayobjects so they know where and what the control points are. IIRC, Rockfort's ID is 9. So the AI file would look like: "aiStrategicArea.createFromControlPoint CPNAME_GO_32_Rockfort 9 50" without the quotes. Or you can just do what I did and leave the AI file alone, and just replace Rockfort with Beach, leave the village and city, dump hotel and riverfort. You can leave them in, just the AI won't use them because there are no waypoints yet.

Rezip the server file. Don't do what I did on the first SP1 I uploaded, it had two sp1 folders...

762x51, if you played it last night, then you played Ventura's version I can't take credit for that, that was all him. I just tweaked it a bit more.


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Thanks for the run down Blue Jack, I had added the map a different way. In the
..\BattleField 2 Demo\mods\bf2\Levels\Gulf_of_Oman\Info
Directory there is a file called "Gulf_of_Oman.desc". I just opened that with notepad2 and added the line

<maptype ai="1" players="32" type="doubleassault" locid="GAMEMODE_DESCRIPTION_doubleassault">Unlocalized test for this mode on this map</maptype>
They are pissed, but they expected this. They will not allow server side mods for the 'ranked' servers - where everybody will want to play --- you get rewarded for being a team player for once. ;)


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want to try this out.. 2 days until all parts for the machine get here then i will. Is this the type of game im gona be able to jump into periodically and have some fun (like HL deathmatch). OR will i have to play it alot to get the most out of it.
You will be heavily addicted to it. It's still a 1st person shooter - so you can play periodically and have fun. :)

Enjoy your new PC - the game runs fine on medium settings (havn't pushed the limits yet....) and my PC approaches 3 years old this fall. Tweaked like a mother - but your noob will blow it away.


Blame me for the RAZR's
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id install it now. But my mentality is that i get bored with a game quick. So im just saving the time on the new rig as to setting it up on the old. Alot of new things to play with; Gona be settingup a copy of server 2003 on my old rig and have some fun with it. Need to get a domain registered though.
VenomXt said:
But my mentality is that i get bored with a game quick.
The Battlefield series never gets boring. Huge Mod community - big maps, goal oriented, team oriented. If you play most games in a linear fashion, this one is for you. It begs you to be non-linear and try all sorts of different stuff.

I went through a stage last summer in Battlefield Vietnam where I would simply smoke joints in front of PC, lying down in the jungle. When an enemy happened on my position, he was followed mercilessly - running through the jungle.... and then stabbed in the back when he stopped to aim at a teammate... anyways I can go on and on. It's awesome.

Let me know how the 03 install goes, I dream of having the $$$ to do the same... meanwhile, just leave it as a dual install on my XP system (boring)


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its nice i installed it on a seperate lap hardive awhile back just to look at it seems very much clean cut and easy to use.

And its more my attention span. I mean i can play game for a hour sometimes but then i just dont want to do that anymore i want to do something else.. the only thing in the world that has been able to counter this "sean effect as i like to call it" is law and order SVU lol i cant watch like 3 of them back to back.. But i am talking to people while i do it hehe.


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For some reason, it still will not display the 32 player map. Can anyone help me out? I still can't mod it. Also, how do i recompress files?
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