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Between DSL and Cable

I'm in a dilemma between choosing an ADSL or Cable connections.At the moment I'm connected through ADSL at 12 Mbps and recently I've got a notice from my ISP and another company which is offering a 100mbps upgrade but on cable (fibre optic).The fees are almost the same (about US 50 a month on flat rate 24/7).Both had almost the same upload and download speed but some of my friends says the Cable is not really secured and lack firewall but the ADSL has all those.I don't do much upload/download except my personal website but some internet transactions (shopping).Is it true what my friend say., that Cable are not safe and easy to hack through ?If given the choice, which would anyone of you choose ?I need a quick answer as I have to reply to this companies before Tuesday.Thank you.


I may actually be insane.
From my experience DSL is better than cable speed wise, as for the security i'd think both are the same.

if all you're using the connection for is general surfing, you're not going to need 100mbps, you dont need 12mbps to do that, if you have no problems with your current dsl line, stick with it :)


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yea cable is pretty good, it can go down sometimes but DSL can go down alot i heard!
I would go for cable.
I'm using cable, and I would recommend it since it costs less, and the downstream speed is faster.
Upload speeds are slower than DSL, but you wouldn't need very high upstream bandwidth unless you're running a server (which is illegal on cable BTW)


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yes I would have to agree having used both cable and dsl.. I have had more satisfaction using cable than dsl. Verizon DSL was no more reliable and was often down. Speed wise, Cable is capable of faster downloads.


having had both ...cable is the one i'd choose ...if you dont download or upload much i think either would be fine for you

having had cable for 5 years now i fine it very secure when coupled with soft/firewall


Posted by NetRyder
but you wouldn't need very high upstream bandwidth unless you're running a server (which is illegal on cable BTW)
Incorrect. Policies are different between the ISP's but I know that mine (NTL) allow webservers and even ftp & game IF passworded and not open to the public. Ofcourse check the T&C :¬)
Thanks for all the reply.The connection speed are almost standard here in Japan.(Cable or ADSL) You pay about US 20 a month for an 8/12 Mbps or US 50 for a 100Mbps and they are all flat rate online plus your phone bill (24/7).No slower than 1.5 Mbps here anymore.After reading all your comments, I think I'll go for cable.Don't you all agree so ? Connections (both) has never been down (except once in a blue moon when they are doing maintenance and after sales service are excelent here.If you all say that Cable is as safe as the ADSL then I'll go head with it.Thanks
Yeah, I haven't heard of any problems with cable as far as security and safety are concerned. I've been using it for a long time and haven't had any problems

*Crosses fingers* :p
Yeah.,SPeedY-B, lucky me ! They started ADSL just a year ago with 1.5 then later to 8 (not extra costs) and 3/4 months ago they had the 12Mbps and last week offering 100 Mbps.Wanna come ?


I may actually be insane.
NetRyder: Wench :p
The UK is so technologically retarded it's un-true!

Punkychan: hell yes :D
where i live here i cant even get a 512k line installed because BT refuse to enable all the phone exachanges in the UK.
It all boils down to your personal experience. I had cable for a couple of years living in a apartment complex. But after awhile the service got really bad. And alot of downtime as well. I too was leary about dsl until I bought a house and had the option of choosing this time around. Since I was used to cable I went with that at first but the upload was really crappy. Don't think for a moment that your upload doesn't affect your download because it does especially if you online game. Remember you have to send a signal in order to receive one. And also keep in mind that your download is only as fast as the sites upload. Anyhow I once again experienced downtime and instability with the new cable service. So I took a chance with dsl and never looked back and I haven't been happier. DSL rocks for me and I'm also getting twice the upload.

The problen with cable is that you share a node with everyone in your nieghborhood, and the isp will not hesitate in over selling the node. With dsl you get a dedicated line straight to the central office and there are only so many cir available once they are filled at the central office thats it nothing else to fill, no over selling the node.

Cable is always on, with dsl you can choose to either have a timed disconnect or always on right from within your browser.

Security is always an issue if you are on for lenths of time, so either one presents a risk. I have more then on pc so I have a secured router which is the way to go.

Stick with dsl if you already have it.

Good luck :)

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