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Better Video Card?


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So for awhile now I have been able to play Blu-ray discs without any issue. So I thought I would never have issue.

8800GT 512MB
2.6Ghz Quad Core
Windows 7

I have a 1080p DTS x264 video file in the m2ts container. This was originally in the MKV container. My issue was choppiness, at least that is the easiest way to describe it. I remuxed it into m2ts and got better playback. I normally run in Media Player Classic, but tried VLC and found better playback even more, but still choppy at more exciting scenes in the movie.

What is causing this to happen. If I can run a blu-ray disc movie from the disc without issue, I should have no issue with this correct? The only thing I can think of is the videocard, but there is still no reason for it.

Now I have tested 2 video files, both originally in the MKV container, both DTS x264 1080p, but i believe one was 12Mbps and one is 14Mbps. The one I am having issues with is of course the 14Mbps. Now I thought Mbps was a internet connection, I should not have issue playing it on the computer??

Anyways, I am just chatting away now.

Ideas, suggestions....

some choppiness is caused by the encoding machine. You should leave MKV files well alone. remuxing to m2ts gave you a loss of quality. Hence the better playback.

You can overclock the quardcore - they do 3ghz without breaking a sweat, you can find a better encode or you can play of the blu-ray disc with hardware accell.

Also the new CCCP has multithreaded x264 decode which can help in high detail scenes.
Yeah, its probably a codec problem.

I have a 2.4 Quad, 2GB of ram, ATI 2600xt 512mb, and 1080p plays back silky smooth.

Uninstall all your codecs and install CCCP codec pack (has everything but quicktime I think) and it should play fine


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I have CCCP installed. Is there an extra setting?

It could just be the encode, but I just have never had the issue before.
Is the file something you made yourself, or a downloaded movie? You can download 1080p movie trailers from apple's site to be sure its not the clip.

I would start by reinstalling CCCP, its helped me in the past. Maybe check for updates on your video card drivers(doubt it, but you never know).

After that, it might be that your video card is under powered, but I'm not sure.


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So I tested a bunch more videos, new and old. All about the same.

Seems this was the only one which had issues. Which probably mean's its how it was encoded. But that makes no sense to me.

Why does one encoding/codec/container/whatever else you want to put that make a difference to playback. Sometimes it just makes me mad, too many things.
Sometimes re-encoding something can cause some issues.

My HTPC setup is a C2Q Q6600 @ 2.4ghz, 4GB Ram, and a G45 chipset graphics (Intel onboard) and playback of BluRay and HD discs are fine, plus playing .mkv "backups" work great.


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So here is the truth.

The videos I am having troubles with are downloads. Downloads from newsgroup. One poster I have been following for awhile. These are the first 1080p movies I have gotten from him.

They all are x264 1080p DTS MKV downloads.

MPC plays them choppy like this, chop chop chop chop chop chop

VLC plays them like this .........CHOP..............CHOP...........CHOP

You can see that VLC handles them better. Some of them are better then the others of course, cause I only started this thread because of one. Though a new one is doing it quite a bit, and assume more will do it. I'd rather not try another poster, since so far this is the best quality out there for downloads.

If these are from the same poster, why are some worse? How much will CCCP Beta make a difference? And if it does not, there isn't anything I can do?

*Please answer my questions before stating legal stuff :)*
The list of possible issues is endless:
Poster used crap codecs
Poster got some videos from someone else and re-encoded creating a problem
Your codec is subtly different from poster's codecs
Your codec/viewer can not use the quad core CPU and are overloading the first core
You have a memory bottle neck in your system and too many tasks going on at once
Your HD where the file is stored is spinning down to save energy
Your HD interface has a bandwidth bottleneck (extrnal or network drive?)
An app on your PC is kicking on and off (anti virus, auto defrag, etc.) stealing bandwidth

The commercial DVD/Player and codecs are optimized for smooth playback avoiding many of the problems above.

See if you can play one of those files on someone elses PC and see how they run. I'm sure finding a volunteer will be easy. ;) That will at least tell you if it'd your setup or the files.


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So I just checked, and I actually have the K-Lite Codec Pack installed. Am I able to install CCCP on the computer without remove K-Lite, or do I have to remove it. Or is it better to remove it.

I will also try playing it on another computer.
remove k-lite and install cccp - klite actually has conflicting codecs that can cause choppy playback as well.

CCCP and MPC will play everything you are ever likely to download without issue :)

Edit: one other thing it could be is a pulldown issue where the movie framerate does not match your screen redraw rate :)


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So I uninstalled klite and installed CCCP.

Worked great. Each video that was choppy in any way is perfect. I might even have to say some of them are looking even better, which is weird, but awesome.

Thanks guys.

*edit new issue

Now the video seems to be having issue keeping up with the sound. This is the second run of the video file since I said it worked great. So first time it seemed fine. And if I try to play it in VLC, its still crazy choppy. I am going to do a restart, but doubt that will do anything.

After restart, before I opened all my programs, the files ran without sound of out sync, now they are crap again once I opened up my files. Stupid certain files not wanting to play the way I want them to play...AEREERRGGGgg


I love fixing my own problems sometimes, went into the CCCP settings and turned on a few things for AC3 and DTS, worked perfectly. At least for now. Let's hope I have no more issues :)
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Let me ask you. Is your TV A 1080p? If not, are you resizing it to 720p?

VLC has issues with playing MKV's UNLESS you use a codec like FFDSHOW (what I use) or CoreAVC.

A lot of people tout CoreAVC because it's newer and less of a resource hog, but FFDShow has been proven (Does use more resources) but most computers can handle it now adays.

I had horrible skips in audio when I played 1080p download movies such as IronMan, or The Dark Knight. Then after installing FFDShow, and setting the audio up properly via my SPDIF Optical out, and resizing the video to 720p/1080i (Which is what my TV can handle) everything started playing just fine.


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It's a monitor, and old crappy non HD monitor, at least for now. And besides the weird sound issue (explained below) the quality of video and everything is the best its been in awhile, so I am keeping CCCP.

I started playing with the video, and it got out of sync when ever I left the video screen running and I would go into another windows, msn, browser, anything. I would pause it and it would go back to normal. It would be fine until I did that again. So it was even weirder, but not really an issue.


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So I have a bunch of older MKV files.

And now some don't work. Obviously its because of how some were incoded. My point is that they were working before and now don't. I mean, they run fine in VLC but if I try to play them like the new 1080p stuff, it just crashes MPC right away.



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Well no, because before I installed CCCP these older files worked perfectly. And some new ones I downloaded don't work either (i'd explain more, basically movies to tv)

It's like I do one thing to fix one file, another one breaks. Annoying.

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