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Best Zune 80 Case

Electronic Punk

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Recently got a Zune 80 when my parents last visited New York.
The geniuses at Best Buy (on 5th I guess near time square - hello!) didn't know there was a difference between the 30 and 80 cases and because the 30 price was alot lower they recommended it.

The 80 is also thinner I think so it has a little room to move around in there which is not suitable.

The 80 also has a serious design flaw where the touch sensitive Squircle won't operate thru a slab of leather - what a rip!

So yeah, my current case isn't good and due to my experiences with my old Zen and car keys I want to protect this device.

Anyone recommend something official or high quality I can use?

Also as I am from the UK and my passport is associated with my EU Xbox Live account I can't even sign into the Zune software. Boo! But I did sign up on zune.net eventually but obviously nothing is associated and fails.


I don't want to have to make yet another live account as this one is used for everything else.

Ah well, perhaps one day things will work properly and the US will realise that people listen to music elsewhere.

Electronic Punk

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The ones that came in the box, they are similar to some high end Sony ones I had so I am quite happy with them.


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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I've liked the incipio that I bought. The site is not working for it but it is leather has a clear window and sets up like a kickstand.

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