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Best Voice Chat Software



Whats your opinion everyone and back it up...

I think BattleCom is the best simply because its free and works great until I get more than 1 person joining my server. Yes, I host a BattleCom session on my pc and after 1 joins sometimes the 2nd person cannot hear the 1st person talking. How do I know this? When the 2nd person joins we exchange words and the 1st person is like, "Who are you talking to?" So far the fix for this is for the 1st person to rejoin the session and everyone hears everyone.

Any other opinions or options I might have to make this experience better, please share.
Have used Battlecom and Rogerwilco off and on for years during online gaming. Rogerwilco is head and shoulders better.

Voice quality on BC sounds like you are under water.
Three guys out of 20 can't connect to BC. (One of the guys has to use 2 sound cards top operate BC in game.)
BC dumps people randomly and when it does it dumps you back to the desktop. Not good in league games.
Set up for BC is much more complicated.

Rogerwilco transfers host if the server dies.
Rogerwilco has a "server" version that is very firewall friendly.

The game clan I just joined uses BC and once the game launches all I hear is one word in 10 and then that word echos five to tem times. Yes, I have tried all of the adjustments! Yes, I have had BC experts walk me through all the adjustments!

Go with Rogerwilco!

PS One of the guys tried Ventrilo and was not impressed. He went back to RW.
although i have used roger wilco in the past, i'd have to say my current choice is better.

i use teamspeak. the sound quality and overall performance is superior.


NTFS Stoner
roger wilko or teamspeak.

dont be a fool like me and spend money on microsoft gamevoice... noone ever picked up on it and the hosting channels suck.. :(


I've looked into this a bit, and I use 2 different systems mainly, but here's 4 to suite all your needs.

For games, TeamSpeak. It's superiour to any I've tried, it's free, it's cross platform. It has a dedicated servers for each platform.

For Windows to Windows chat, PicoPhone
Tiny, simple, free, works great. Windows only.

SpeakFreely for full featured voice chat. Compatible with some other free and commercial clients.
Open source, cross platform.

For talking to netmeeting users without using netmeeting itself.
You may want to do this if you are using a NAT router which doesn't work with netmeeting or if you're not using Windows.
Open source, cross platform.

edit: fixed urls. im tired. bye.


I use roger wilco

- never had a connection issue
- sound quality is excellent.
- one button activation (which can easily be changed)

why change

Does anyone who has tried Roger wilco want to rave about somthing that us die hard Wilco users should try...

chaos945: why does Ventrillo stand above Roger wilco -


Thank You Everyone

Thanks for all your replies I'm going to try all these over time and make my own judgement. So far TeamSpeak looks like what I'll look into first.

With BattleCom client you could host and join sessions. With Teamspeak I see there are two seperate downloads the client and the server. For one to host a session would need the server then also run the client to join the session, or would you only need the server to host the session and everyone can then join without using the client on the server side or vice-versa?

Let me know... [Kr0m] ...

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