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Best Software for creating quality 3d Avatars ?

It seems i have been bitten by a bug for trying to create my own avatars:huh: , but being a n00b to this i am currently using animation shop (bundled with paint shop pro 7) .

I do have access to the photoshop suite at work and lightwave 3d (possible other software but off sick at the moment :( )now is any of those useful in creating 3d animated avatars?.

If you can recommend some quality programs it would be very helpful, i have looked at a few freeware and shareware tools but they look sort of basic with limited advanced functions (yes i am new to this but i read manuals and instructions for fun:happy: ...i don't really but i know how to follow instructions:rolleyes: ).
gif movie gear is pretty good. and photsohp to make the images, and ulead gif animator is pretty good to. those are the programs i use for makeing my sig and avatar stuff :p

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