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Best imaging (b/u) for Vista?


The Analog Kid
I've faithfully used PowerQuest Drive Image 7 or Ghost 8 for imaging XP partitions. I also dabbled with using Acronis TrueImage 9. I'm looking for a replacement for Vista.

DI7 is not Vista compatible, I'm kinda turned of by Symantec these days and I tried using Seagate DiscWizard (TrueImage repackaged) but had problems with it that will keep me from using it.

What are other folks using?


The Analog Kid
The problem I had with Seagate's Disc Wizard (TrueImage) is that it would destroy the "Safely Remove Hardware" tool. This is a known problem. Do we have evidence that TI 10 doesn't F with that or anything else? I'll order the upgrade right now if it works perfectly.

How is Ghost 12 these days? Is it still resembling DI7?
Disc Wizard is not True Image. Its a hacked up true Image :)

Go get the real deal :)

Use the trial before you spend your money though - you may still have issues, though I never have.


OSNN Advanced
I've tried Acronis TI v10 on my laptop with vista, but for some weird reason, TI will not load passed the splash screen on bootup (recovery mode). Have no idea why this is tbh, but it did work on my desktop, although it was a bit slow.
I wonder when they will release a workstation version of the software, it is one of the best I've used compared to Norton/Symantec Ghost.


OSNN One Post Wonder
If I remember correctly True Image and Disk Director had problems with the newer Intel Chipsets. I first discovered this on a Dell 745. Updating both applications should solve the problem.

I just got the Beta notice of True Image 11, expect the full release in 3 months.


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