Best Hard Drive Performance Increase

What is the best way to increase performance on the storage side? I know buying two Western Digital Raptors and installing them in RAID 0 would probably be the best, but its pretty expensive.
I also know you can get PATA-SATA adapters. Could I put two adapted PATA drives in RAID 0?
I know of some less expensive SATA drives I could put in RAID 0 also. Would it be worth the money?
How would one Western Digital Raptor work, not being in a RAID 0?
Please give me your ideas. Thanks.


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you need 2 generally identical drives to install a striped RAID setup...

striping is not bad and will increase general performance especially for apps that need to seek quite a bit, some games do that...

the amount of the increase was not something I was all that happy with with my hdd's so I just had em on their separate channels and operate them thus :)

I would recommend something with a decent cache :) that DOES help (in my experience anyways)

if you are looking for raw speed, a raptor will help, striped or not... 7200rpm drives are pretty good and 5400 drives are excellent if you want to keep noise levels down... overall drop in performance is not quite as big as you would think in real life, synthetic benches paint a different story though :cool:

personally I consider data storage space a bigger priority than speed hence I would probably go with a larger/"slower" drive... if you seek ultimate speed (even if its not by much) feel free to get the raptor :)
Yeah, sorry. Typo. You could have answered the question, though. Would a couple SATA drives in a RAID 0 with 7,200 RPM's be faster than a single Western Digital Raptor?
Can somebody please just tell me if a couple SATA drives in a RAID 0 with 7,200 RPM's be faster than a single Western Digital Raptor?!

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