Best email program?


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I had to reinstall my entire system (Vista 64bit) a few weeks ago, and among the many little problems I've been having is that Outlook 2003 will not let me use my contacts for multiple-addressed emails. I can vewi my contact list, but if I click on TO or CC when I got to address an email, I get this message:

"The address list could not be displayed. The Contact folder associated with this address list could not be opened: it may have been moved or deleted, or you do not have permissions..."

I'm so sick of putzing with it. I noticed in another thread that a lot of you use Windows Live Mail. So I was just wondering which email program y'all think is "da bomb"....

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i have been having issues with thunderbird making multiple copies of the same email in the inbox and junk folder, so i went back to outlook 2007


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re: Best email program

i have been having issues with thunderbird making multiple copies of the same email in the inbox and junk folder, so i went back to outlook 2007
That's another one of the problems I have with Outlook 2003 as well. I have two different accounts from one server (both have the exact same settings), and one of them gets 3 copies of every email sent to it.

Thunderbird is all you need
I'll look into TBird... If nothing else, it has an awesome logo... :cool:

BTW... One of the features I'm looking for is good formatting options -- one of the few decent features of Outlook. For example, I asked my brother (my other personal computer guru) about Windows Live and he said it's just basically just a revamped version of Outlook Express: Email formatting such as signatures is clunky and it doesn't integrate well with anything.
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I'm still using the final Qualcomm version of Eudora Pro (v7.1.0.9) before it was abandoned in October of 2006 and became the Penelope Project ( Penelope is an extension to Thunderbird and the goal is to essentially offer the features and looks of Eudora while using Thunderbird as the foundation. The development is slow. :(

I've actively looked for a replacement for Eudora Pro but I just haven't been able to find any client that I feel is enough to finally leave Eudora behind. That said, Eudora Pro v7 & Penelope (Eudora v8) do work perfectly under Vista 64-bit. I just wish I could find something similar but supported.

It's dead, yes, but I still consider Eudora to be the best email client. I guess I'm stuck in the past.


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Another vote for Tbird - I find it especially effective if you have multiple email accounts or use anything like freecycle where filtering and control are a must have. And the duplicate emails issue is, I believe, something that could afflict any email program and not specific to Tbird.


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I got tired of backing up, migrating, restoring from a local client, so I've been using Gmail exclusively. If you still want a client, Thunderbird with IMAP.