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Best Chat Program

I have used ICQ, AOL instant messenger, Yahoo messenger and MSN messenger. Right now the only one I use is msn messenger. Why, because I don't get alot of spam with it. Is it the best? For me right now, yes.


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I also like MSNM the best (addon free so it is ad free). However, most of my pals have AIM so I use that the most.

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this might sound odd, but ANY TYPE OF IRC like Mirc is the best Chat program because of its various functionalities and vast neworks. if irc had voice support it would kick ass.


I've tried all these chat proggies. AOL sux! I guess thats everone else's opinion too. Used ICQ for quite a while, but thats easy to exploit, and with ready made software now freely available, i got a lil worried after i got a couple of DOS attacks. MSN is good, however, (personal xperience) i keep getting knocked off if i'm idle for a long time. got a Cable connection, so i keep it on for most of the time i'm online, and i keep getting disconnected after a couple of hours. i wuld say Yahoo is the best!! It's got voice and webcam functions, NEVER gets disconnected, the icons are much better, and the status messages can be modified. as far as security goes, it's pretty solid, even tho it's a P2P messenger, (like ICQ, and unlike MSN) it does not compromise ur security. These are just my opinions, as a user, no expert advice, coz i am no expert.


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oh yeah i do have Aim cus i use Aol but i never use it cus it has a few parts i don't like such as pressing return don't send message,it acts as it does in word etc. it's a pain 2 alway's b clicking "send":p


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Once a new version of AIM+ comes out I will again be happy with AIM. I hate the ads and those big clunky toolbars.
i agree totally with ya Henyman....AOL would definately have to be last on my list. my personal favorite is Yahoo messenger. BTW what is Trillian? i never heard of it before. thanks.


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np. it's a good idea if you have all of them running at once, so you don't have to have all the systray icons and all the messengers hogging RAM. Since I only use AIM and MSNM 100% of the time, there is no point for me to use it. But I guess a lot of users like it.

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