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whats the best program to use for compressing things such as an *.avi or a movie. are winzip/win rar the best to use? also say if the the file is 700mb how much do u think it can compress it down to.


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700mb .avi? probably around 698mb... .avi is already a compressed format, you can't really compress it much further no matter what program/method you use.


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i have tried using winrar on a 720mb divx movie and all it did was take forever to finish and it got it down to 711mb. doesnt achieve much as SPeedY_B said, and it just wastes time trying imo


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Get Cleaner 5/6 (whatever version it is now), and convert the file into a different video format. That'll shrink it down.



Best way to compress a movie is DivX, but that is probably what you already have :huh:


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winzip on the highest compression will take it down a good 20 or 30 mb's I know ive done it 3 times so I could fit movies onto cd-r that were to small.


Originally posted by melon
Not really, if you know the right compression scheme to use.

Using what codec ?

.mpg and .mov don't even compare when it comes to compression/quality.

Unless your refering to something else...


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Originally posted by Luna64
Using what codec ?

.mpg and .mov don't even compare when it comes to compression/quality.

Unless your refering to something else...
You can use the same codec--DivX AVI. My experience with Cleaner 5 is that it is just a far more efficient encoding program. I've made Sorenson MOVs with Adobe After Effects 5.5 and end up with a bloated file. I then use Cleaner 5 and then I can reduce it to a much smaller size; I really don't know what has changed really. Same codec and everything.

If you can get a hold of it, try it. Even if it reduces the AVI by 20 MB even, that's really all you need in this instance, right?


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