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bad soundcard?

if some of you remember i blew out my speakers a few weeks ago. so now that i got replacement speakers they sound a load better but something bothers me. in winamp when i change the equalizer setting i dont hear changes. like i would go from a livew setting to a full bass and trebble setting to a pop setting or something and wont hear anything different. i bet its my soundcard but is this kind of problem enough evidence to justify buying a new card or do i need to do more tests? thanks in advance.

edit: i have a sound blaster live! that came with my computer when i bought it april of last year.
alright i think i got it to work now. but when i went to best buy today i saw and was listening to the altec lansing vs4121 there are $30 more and sounded great. does anyone have any experiences with these new ones and how do they compare to my altec lansing 2100's


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I wouldn't really know I bought Klipsch promedia 5.1's. You might want to start a new thread, asking about those speakers.

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