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Backup Software


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I'm looking for software to run an automatic backup every few days.

I have 3 drives in the computer and a 4th IDE removable drive. 2 of the drives need to be backed up completely and the 3rd drive only has various folders that need to be backed up and they all go onto the removable drive. I want to do an incremental backup so that the first time I run it, it will back up everything, and after that I can delete/change/add files and folders and the program will adjust that backup set, I do not want to create a new one with the corresponding changes everytime I run the backup.

I have tried Nero Back-it-up but have found it quite lacking and just a royal pain in the rear, although when it does work properly it does exactly what I want.

I also noticed in past threads that a bunch of folks suggested Argentum Backup. I like this program except for one problem, it won't create seperete folders for each drive (that I've found) If I do a backup job into a folder on the removable drive called "Backup" then everything from all 3 drives gets thrown into that folder, some of the folders on different drives are named the same, so that stuff gets all mixed in together. It jsut causes problems, I suppose that I could do 3 seperate backup jobs, one after another but I was hoping someone here might have a suggestion for a piece of software that will do the job I need done.

So if anybody does have any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.

Have you tried Windows Backup. It's built into 2000, XP and 2003. It's a cut down version of Veritas Backup and will do the job you are looking it for.


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Well I ended trying a trial version of Genie Backup Manager:Home version. So far I am impressed, but i think I will look into Syncback since it's website makes it sound almost exactly like this genie software except it's free.

One thing I should have mentioned in my previous post is that while not essential I would prefer a program that has a file-copy mode as oppsed to using a proprietairy (sp) compression format. I don't think windows backup will do that.

Also I have looked into ghost but I don't really want an image of the drive but rather a file backup and I don't think ghost will do that. I have never tried True Image, if Genie or Syncback don't pan out maybe I'll take a look.

Thanks for all the help,

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