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Avira AntiVir Personal edition catching something weird?


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Ok, I should of mentioned this, but like... a month ago... for some reason, everytime my anti-virus is doing an update, it seems to catch something in the System Volume folder of my C Drive. It is some Long named .exe file that I think has AB as the start of the long letters. I tell it access deny, but its just, I'm wondering what is with that? Any Idea? I'll post a screenshot of it when I can if you need a better idea.
Take the full filename and google it. If my anti-virus (nod32) ever picks something up that I dont recognise thats what I do, I can usually find enough information on it to know whether I should delete the file or ignore it.

Remember you might need to boot into Safe Mode to successfully delete the file if that is what you end up doing.

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System Volume Information folder is where the restore points are kept. Turn off system restore then scan your system for viruses.


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well I can't seem to get it on a virus scan, but I get it on an updates only. I'm waiting for the update to come up.

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