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avi to good quality playback on dvd player


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I have a couple avi files that im planning on burning to dvd to watch on the tv. I was going to just convert them to the standard dvd format, but i read that this would result is a large decrease in quality (makes sense). It also said a better way to do this would be to burn a divx dvd and turn on somekind of deblocking filter?

What would be the best way around this? Can you point me to a guide maybe?



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I have been using DVDFlick for quite awhile now and I am very happy with it.

It compresses most files very well with hardly any quality loss on it. Try it out and you will like it as well.


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thanks for your reply. Ill try it out. I was also reading around and it kind of seems like the firmware of the dvd burner matters. I have some oem pioneer drive but theres nothing to download at thier site. Is it worth my while updating it?


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I have never updated firmware on a dvd burner. I have also never had problems with quality or speed or anything. The only time I see updated it being useful is if the drive is very old, even then I don't know how much it would help.


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nothing beats dvd flick...the easiest and best of all the converters I've tried, will even burn directly to disc if that option is chosen.


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Sorry to bump and old thread, but I was searching for something to convert avi to DiVX so I could play them on a DVD player. DVDFlick did all that and more -amazing program that far exceeded my needs and expectations. Even better = Open Source!!

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mkv is normally x264 - will need a conversion to avi/xvid, if in the unlikely event of xvid being in the mkv, do a demux or audio and video and remux into avi container


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OK not really sure what that means :p

So you are saying I need to go from mk4 to avi first, then use DVDflick? Can I do that with DVDFlick (mk4 to avi conversion) or do I need something else?


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Will give it a go later on today when I'm home or tomorrow - thanks. Haven't done much outside of straight DVD "archiving" before a few days ago :ninja:

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