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I hope AVG are better at detecting virus than they are at detecting operating systems. My AVG program shows my Athlon processor as an Intel Pentium, and my XP system as being Windows 2000.


I only tried it once and really didn't care for it much so I went back to Norton. Although some people swear by it :)


I just use AVG because it doesn't hog your resources like Norton. But I like both AVG and Norton equally.
Well i am a AVG pro user and it does what it is supposed to do,i have had norton in the past for a few years but even with 2002 version it sometimes had trouble installing the updates it had downloaded which i never solved so when my subscription ran out i bought Avg as long as they detect virus`s and deal with them i will use whichever i feel like buying at the time.

Perris Calderon

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I know that if the free version of avg were not free, and I had to pay for it...I would give more for this program then I would give for norton.

the same way I would pay more for nortin then I would pay for mcafee.

it's just a smaller program that does a great job, and I go for those
I find anything Norton abhorrent! Working in the business, the number of machines that come into our workshop with problems (mainly resource/incompatability related) that are fixed simply by removing Norton Utilities/Antivirus etc. are countless. We now recommend ALL our business customers use AVG Pro. We find there are no compatability issues, and uses virtually no resources.

BonyTony, I saw it a while ago on a hackers (real) forum, and asked it's owner if I could borrow it. He said anyone is welcome to use it as long as there was no monetary gain involved! So for the right price.....................

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