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Anyone manage to get the free AVG to update automatically when not on line at the scheduled time? With Norton the update always worked when there were new updates, irrespective of the scheduled time.

Perris Calderon

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this is a very unusual question...I'm definately not understanding...it's impossoble to get an update if you are not on line

is this like..."no soap, radio"?

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
ok, now I get it...norton just always looks for an update...which you should dissble, as it'll take your bandwidth...avg, ya, you can pcik scheduled times, but I wouldn't do that either...taking your bandwidth when you might need it, just update manually...best choice


OSNN Senior Addict
Sorry I didn't make my posting clear. I had Norton scheduled for a time of day, but even if I wasn't on line at that time, it still checked and downloaded updates when I next logged on. With AVG if I am not logged on at the sceduled time, then the update is missed, and it doesn't automatically update when I do log on. The manual updates work fine, so as you say I'll just do a manual check every few days. Sorry for the confusion.


set the time in the avg control centre and it should dial and update whenever you want it too but personally i prefer to do it manually, although grisoft say a release is put out monthly, i find that i can get new updates every couple of days

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