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Avatar Problems.

Oh...* looks *


154.25 KB instead of the allowed 50kb. Maybe EP can set the limit a bit higher? 50kb seems a bit small. Then perhaps I'm asking for too much :confused:


I may actually be insane.
Think about the thousands of avatars stored in the database all roughly 50, now image the size of the database if they where all 150k which is three times as large.
The limits there for a reason. Other than bogging down the DB with (sort of) large images, its also for the dal-up users.
try to make it with less images, crappier quality and optimize it, reduce colors. maybe you can get it down to 50kb and imagina how it looked like :p
Originally posted by Electronic Punk
And just what is going on ?

I think the dimensions and sizes that I have set are already very generous.
:p Dimensions awesome. Sizes poopy! Up it too 100KB. Please? * mooches *


I may actually be insane.
if £10,000.00 magically appeared in my bank.. I still couldn't get a connection faster than dial-up, and this is the case for many people.
It's not a matter of choice, its the simple fact that its impossible.
:huh: Service in some places is still unavaliable, which really sucks. Lots of places I really like have interenet access...but it's 56k.

The only local provider is the hick phone company :p
Yeesh, You broadband kids. The majority of internet users connect via dial-up ya know :p Ah well. That is why I have adshield... *blocks a stupid 800KB avatar on another forum* HAH!

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