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Audigy SPDIF + HollywoodPlus

Trying to get 5.1 out of my holywood plus.

Think if I get the signal into my audigy then that should decode it.

Does anyone know how to manage this?


Boogie Nights...!
Is there an option on your speaker setup to choose Digital-In or something similar to that.....its has to be set up on the hardware side of things not always just software.


Having lost the Hollywood + software and drivers for my old DVD PCI card, from a purchase in 1998, I downloaded the updates from sigmadesigns website yesterday and found several upgrades to it, with surround sound suitability. etc.
Have a look unless you have checked already.
Running the latest drivers on both the H+ and Audigy, but thats don't help.

A while ago I did link the spdif from the H+ to the spdif in on the header on the Audigy, but could not get anything out of that when supplying AC3. If set to supply PCM then I think I got 4ch which ain't quite right.

I am sure at least one person has solved this, as I found some details on a forum *somewhere*, but the email bounced :mad:

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