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ATI TV Wonder Pro

I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with this product. The television in my computer room is on the blink and instead of getting another television I was considering getting this. I have 2 monitors on my desk...one of which is connected to a kvm which is in turn connected to another XP box and a linux box. I was going to put this in the other XP box and then run the coax to this machine so I will be able to watch TV without having the TV behind me like the current setup is. Just wanting some input if possible before I get this product....:)


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shouldn't be a problem at all... if you infact get some of the newer aiw setups or even a tv tuner and have an ati card in another system on a network you can actually wtch tv on any rig in the system with the new mmc :)

I have yet to try this out since I installed cat 3.10 and mmc 8.8 just before leaving and only just came back :)

but to answer your question I think it should be very possible :)

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