ATi Control Panel?

My friend borrowed me his 9700 Pro for a while (he blew up his computer or something) so i put it in place of my fx5600. I installed the latest stable drivers (Catalyst 4.7) w/ Control Panel centre thingy. What is the control panel thing anyway? is it all the extra tabs in the display > advanced box (where the nvidia options are). Because if it is I must say it is pretty disappointing compared to the layout and usability of the Nvidia drivers. There are not as many options and the help for options like "Use alternate DVI mode" doesnt tell you anything about what its doing.

Please point me in the right direction if i missed something - obviously im a bit of an ATi n00b :)

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Yeah, thats why the real Cataysts 4.9 (out in Sept) will be copying the NVIDIA layout, adding a cool feature of their own tho - Real time AA/AF/IQ prevewing in the CP... hopefully NVIDIA will copy that themselves!!

Full story and a screenshot is on the frontpage.

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Are ATI still going with the idea of adding 'memory' overclocking to the overdrive tab? I read some time ago they were going to put both core & memory in there.

'ATI tool' does a similar thing but having it covered by warranty would be better. :)


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the overclocking thing I doubt will come with an ati card anytime soon..

overdrive only comes with the cards that have thermal monitoring built-in... and that was with the 9600/9800xt's and the new cards... and any custom thinger that AIB's may wanna come out with...

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