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Athlon xp?


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the amd athlon xp2100+ how much does it over preform the pentuim 4's. is it faster than the intel 2.53? and which is the fastest amd xp the 2100+ right?


High On Life!
How many mhz?

How many Mhz is it? also does the xp2100+ run faster than the petuim 4 2.53ghz (not in speed but in tests and stuff)


2200 coming out soon

more money i gotta spend :(

why cant they just release a 1000000000000ghz chip and get it outta the way:)

damm capitalists...lol


yah but i need the latest and greatest:)

im the reason why amd is in business....went from 1.4 tbird....then thru xp1800,1900,2100,and now 2200 when it comes out:)

saving up for a bigger lcd......i saw a tripanel lcd...3 21inch screens...surround gaming.....WHOA! time to sell the car...wait a minute i have no car....spent all on computer...what a donkey:p


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Right the athlonxp 2100+ is 1.8ghz but athlon xp's beg to be overclocked so u could over clock its a couple 100mhz and pentiums lie about there clock speed so a 2.5ghz could only preform upto 2.3 or 2.2, so in conclusion if u want a cheap and effective processer go with a AMD if u want and expensive load of bollocks go with P4.

I prefer AMDs btw both of my comps have Athlons in them and i wouldn't turn to pentiums if the manager over at pentium offered me a free new pentium ever time a new one came out! :p


High On Life!
Wait a minute???

Wait syrus u said that the 2100+ is 1.8 well how come u have a 1900 and its at 1.8 is that cuz u overclocked it? and also im planning on getting a xtasy 4600ti so how well does it run and what cool things come with it? do the cool nvidia demos come with it like the lil bubble and the others?


How much can I get my 1.67 ( Xp 2000 ) up to if I was to overclock, and what with that measure to a Pentium 4 processor in terms of speed.

I had a friend whoop me on a test, and he had a 1.6A P4 overclocked, it was emberassing! We both paid just the same amount for our systems though!


They AMD in my opinion are by far better cpu's than Pentium, Ive got 2 AMD computers @ home built by myself, a AMD XP +1800 and AMD XP +1900 .... I've got a Pent 4 2.0ghz @ work, both my home built computers outperform the Pent 4 2.0ghz ... I have both my AMD's overclocked, but only slightly ... the +1800 is running @ 1.573 ghz and the +1900 is running @ 1.657 ghz. I used 3 different programs to bench my computers and my work computer (SiSoft Sandra Pro 2002 / PC-Mark 2002 / HDtach 2.61). All 3 show the AMD's out-performing the Pent 4. (actually "HDtach" is just for hard drive benching). The +1800 didnt beat it by much, but considering the Pent 4 is actually 470mhz faster, thats very good, as for my +1900 with DDR333 memory, it beat the Pent 4 considerably .... So to answer your question, yes, AMD's fastest cpu vs. Pentiums fastest cpu, the AMD will win in most categories ... The only thing I notice about the Pent 4's I like is the ones that use RD PC800 ram, it does have very nice memory bandwidth, but with DDR333 & 400 now hitting the market, that will all end soon!


just buy a vapochill

should give you a good idea of how high you could overclock your processor

was considering doing the vapo-li mod......then realized way over my head.....

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