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Asus or Abit


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I agree with the Athlon CPU. The XP 2000+ ourperformed the 2.2. GHZ P4 in almost all of the comparisons that I have seen on the net. I was just wondering, for anyone who has experience, which is better an ASUS mobo or an ABIT mobo.


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I have an Asus and like it. However, I have heard good things about Abit. I don't think you could go wrong either way. This is my opinion. allan03, did you have an alternative opinion? :p
Before you flame, allan03, I am kidding.


Asus boards are pretty good, they're made by a good manufacture, and they mobo's come with all the stuff you'll need such as cables, usb headers and such. I'd go asus.


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Originally posted by Lawtai
Asus boards are pretty good, they're made by a good manufacture, and they mobo's come with all the stuff you'll need such as cables, usb headers and such. I'd go asus.
Same goes for Abit boards. I have personally used Abit boards in all my systems and all systems which I have assembled for others. My oldest board(4 years old) is still in use with a Pentium III 450, running great. Out of my own personal experience, I would say go with Abit.


cant go wrong either way. I bought an asus a7 series board. Great board easy setup.

Things to compare in the 2 boards though:

1. I know ISA slots are on the way out, but Abit still included 1 ISA slot on there board (atleast they used too). Handy if you have an old modem or sound card that your happy with.

2. Typically Asus only come with 5 PCI slots. Abit 6. nice to have the extra.

Both have nice fan configurations (plugins).

Both manufactures have proven themselves in the motherboard world. Cant go wrong really. Good choices.



I'm on my 5th Asus - 2 P4B's, a CUSL2C, a P4T, and a P4T-E and I have never had a problem with any of them.
I have a ABIT KT7 RAID, and the other pcs that I have built use Abit BX6 r2, and one built ages ago uses a Tyan (I think)
I have set up a few Asus boards as well, and they are both fairly easy, though I am more experienced with Abit boards, it would really come down to a choice of price and features of the board, like ATA 133 or 100, or RAID, more mem slots, and things like that, also the Front Side Bus, speed I know that some of the Abit boards use 200MHz bus, but I am not sure about the Asus boards, also check out the websites and see how easily you can find the support and updates sections. The Abit one can be a bit irritating with its Java navigation bar.


not Asus

I realize Asus wins many awards, but I was pretty unsatisfied. I had the A7V, a product that won many awards, but also had many problems. There is an entire website dedicated to its "quirks and issues" www.a7vtroubleshooting.com. The USB ports are nearly unusuable, I had to purchase a PCI USB host controller, it didn't like my ATI Radeon or my Sound Blaster Live (granted, most boards with the SBlive and VIA 686B southbridge weren't happy, but eventually I either had to get a new soundcard or get a new motherboard). The onboard ATA/100 promise controller was the slowest booting component I've ever seen.

Now I have a new Soyo Dragon+, much, much nicer board. Everything works, its much more customizable, and no problems.

An ABIT was my runner up, but I forget which one. Everyone has good things to say about Asus, but I hear horror stories like mine. Everyone has good things to say about Abit, but without the horror stories.

EDIT: I forgot to mention the BIOS madness. In the 18 months I had the A7V, I went through like 5 BIOS updates. 3 were standard bug fixes, but 2 CREATED bugs and had to be replaced. So you'd upgrade to fix a bug (USB), the find out the new BIOS caused more problems, so you'd have to revert to the old BIOS, as Asus was aware of the problem with the buggy new BIOS they put out, but it takes months for them to fix it. 2 out 5 = 40%. That's not a very good failure rate.



Both are good boards...I would say Abit if you can afford one of the good ones. If you are planning on over-clocking it,go with Abit, in my experience, the best boards for that are Epox, Abit,and Soyo....

That's just my little opinion...



also, another thing I forgot: I have a standard Canon 2100 bubblejet on LPT1 like millions of people around the world. On a CLEAN install of xp, the canon got auto installed as XP has drivers for it. The standard drivers don't do something (i forget, maybe head cleaning or something...) anyway, I went to canon.com to download the news ones. I installed them and then had "2" Canon printers. Remove the original and it would be found on the next install. Annoying... I don't know if this would cause problems or not, as I got the soyo right after 'cause that was my last straw with the Asus. Needless to say I do not have the problem with my Soyo.


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I have an Abit...

KR7a-Raid board and it is GREAT !!

I do not have it set up for raid though, instead I am using the highpoint controller for multiple harddrives, which leaves 4 ide slots open for burner, DVD, etc.

I have an athlon XP 1800+ and this Abit board allows me to EASILY overclock it via the soft menu.
(currently it is running the equiv of an XP2000+ (1.17).

There are 4 slots for as much RAM as you can use.
No problems with WinXP either.

I suggest you take a close look at the Abit KR7 boards.


I have the asus a7v333 works great and has all the bells and whistels. Raid, 4 USB 2.0 ports, 4 USB 1.1 ports, Firewire port, ATA 133 supports PC2700 Ram i have had 4 other asus boards or something like that and never had a problem...dont know much about abit...but stay away from IWill in my opinion...nothing but problems. Well atleast they used to.



if you can get it, try going with an ECS board. ECS has really impressed me lately with a collection of stable, fast and full featured boards. I've built quite a few computer with ECS boards and havent had any problems or complaints about speed. In fact, I use an ECS board myself (K7s5a) and its a pretty wicked board in XP. Not a single blue screen for 6 months.

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