assembly vs c++

which one of those is more powerfull i know C++ is the most powerfull language but if assembly is the closes to machine language doesn't that mean that assembly should be stronger than C++??
Assembly if you like coding in opcodes....

C if you like programming in english :D

I'm dubious to the advantages of c++ as windows is almost entirely C + ASM
what i thought windows was C++, no im sure it is c++ does more than C, and assembly i think is powerfull but really complicated and kinda hard to learn, that's what i think


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the question itself reveals glaring lack of knowledge and/or experience - since when did a language in and of itself have "power"?

As an example you could have a tractor and an F1 racing car with the same raw engine power.... one is great for fields and the other for grand prix circuits - and their "power" can be compared similarly as equivalent but suited for different tasks.

The answer as to what is most powerful - is simple - BOTH not either in isolation, and preferably assisted by a good interpretive testing harness and poweruflk "make" procedural language too...

I hope this helps. The road to understanding software for you, grasshopper, is a long one ;) :p
Windows has always been coded in C, all C++ does is add an OO Framework to which its advantages are dubious at best. Where you need time critical code and youknow your target CPU inside and out you would use manually optimized ASM.

ASM in itself is easy to learn but hard to master. Its also hard to trackwaht you're doing without writing copious quantities of notes.

Mr MFG here though codes in machine code... Its almost like he tripped and NASM landed in his brain :D
ASM is the language closest to the hardware and therefore the fastest since you can optimize it very well. But it's hell to write anything big in it.

C/C++ is (roughly) the next abstraction level. It's much easier to code bigger things in, but also a bit slower.

Then there's a tons of other languages higher up, Java, Python and what not. These are even easier to code in (no memory management and headaches like that), but yet again slower.

It's all about abstraction levels grasshopper. ;)
Mainframeguy said:
the question itself reveals glaring lack of knowledge and/or experience - since when did a language in and of itself have "power"?
well yea but by power i meant like the one that can take most control of the machine as in like do the best work on the hardware

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