Are these conflicting with my network card?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by bigals, Feb 10, 2002.

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    I have posted a few time regarding XP detecting my network card but not completing installation, it gives me the message saying the data is invalid.

    I am using a realtek RTL8029 AS card.

    I have found all these devices in the network card section of device manager and wondered if they are what is stopping me installing my NIC, and if so how do i uninstall them,

    Please help,

    Cheers, ALEX

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    None of the devices under the adapter section will prevent this installation.

    Suggest downloading the newest drivers from Realek.

    Open Device Manger. In the Other Devices section, doubleclick Ethernet Controller and select update driver. Select install from a list or specific location. On the next window, type the path where you downloaded and extracted the drivers.

    If the card is not defective, this should work.
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    From what it looks like, your Ethernet Controller and VIA Bus Master IDE Controller are confliciting with each other. First install tehe drivers. Ethernet controller bring a Yellow Question Mark menas no drivers are installed. Then check the NIC and IDE Conroller for a IRQ or Memory Range Conflict. If one does exist, try moving the card to another PCI Slot or manually try to assign IRQs for the conflicting ones.